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I state that these documents are the originals and have not been altered in any way by me or anyone else.

I understand that I take full responsibilty for the authenticity of these documents. In the event of said documents having been altered in any way, I understand that I am in breach of international law and may be charged with forgery both in the country from which they were sent and/or from which they originate, and under Australian federal law.

I understand that FGIET or all parties associated with FGIET will not be held liable for the authenticity of these documents and I have agreed to be solely liable in this regard (in the event I am acting as an individual), or to accept liability on behalf of any entity or person I may be representing (in the event I am working for a company or another individual).

In the event of the authenticity of the documents coming under dispute, I hereby authorise FGIET or all parties associated with FGIET to decide whether I am acting for myself, an entity or anybody else. I understand that this information may be passed on to authorities both here in Australia and overseas.



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